Frequently Asked Questions


Profiles Series, LLC is committed to providing quality educational programming and profiling feature stories that have an impact on the lives of many. The mission of In View is to inform and educate our viewers nationally and internationally with positive stories.

The following are frequently asked questions about In View, hosted by Larry King.

Q. What is In View, hosted by Larry King?

A. It is a series of half-hour documentary style programs which are broadcast on television to a national audience. The program features the latest innovations and solutions, which is hosted by internationally known icon, Larry King. The series is dedicated to finding stories that showcase the brightest and the best.

Q. What makes a good story?

A. In a day and age when negative stories grace the headlines nationwide, we are looking for positive educational stories that provide solutions to problems.

Q. What types of stories are featured on In View?

A. Profiles Series, LLC is an award winning, privately owned production company which produces high quality education-oriented programming. Our production team captures stories that cover a variety of topics ranging from education, medical, environment, agriculture, architecture, business and technology related content. Your story may be exactly what we are looking for!

Q. How can I share my ideas?

A. If you have any ideas you would like featured we want to hear it! Feel free to contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .