Reaching the Audience
To maximize the impact of our television programs we use a knowledgeable combination of traditional broadcast, internet technology and private distribution. This multiple media approach allows us to reach the highest number of people within a target market. Each target audience is different and gets its own specific combination strategy.

National Broadcast and Cable Television
national 1The Profiles Series, LLC shows have their own roots in the broadcast industry and we continue to use this media as our core distribution vehicle. With the creation of networks that embrace our portrayal of important socio-economical developments, our program is in demand and has an audience waiting for it. Our sponsored educational programs can be found on local, regional and national networks in over 80 million households.

Internet and Social Media Distribution
Through the use of innovative websites, we place our videos at accessible junctions on the internet where people of like-minded ways congregate.
With the explosion of social media we have expanded our outreach through the internet to include popular sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other various blogs.

Internet Facts:
The use of the internet still continues to grow throughout the world. As of June 2010, there were approximately 1.97 billion internet users worldwide, an increase of 14% from the previous year. People in North America account for over 266 million of those internet users. There is no shortage of websites and information for these users either. In 2010 alone there were 21.4 million websites created, bringing the total number of websites to 255 million.   
(*Data Sources: Internet World Stats, Netcraft)

Social Media/Networks:
social mediaSocial media and blogs account for nearly one quarter of total time Americans' spend online. In September 2011, Facebook revealed they had reached 800 million active users (worldwide). To put that into perspective, that was the total number of all internet users back in 2004. According to Nielson.com, in May 2011 Americans spent more time on Facebook than they did on any other website, with over 53 billion minutes total.  As of September 2010 the number of Twitter users grew to 175 million, with a total of 25 billion "tweets" sent that year alone. And with over 152 million blogs, there is never a shortage of information, opinions and suggestions.
(*Data Sources: Internet World Stats, Twitter)

Video Streaming:
video streamingIn May 2011, Americans reached an all-time video steaming high of 15 billion videos, with a total of 143 million unique viewers. In addition, the number of people streaming videos from their mobile device grew by more than 40% from 2009 to 2010. Video streaming is used as a source of entertainment as well as education across a wide variety of platforms between YouTube, Vimeo as well as links on social media sites.  
(*Data Source: Nielson Company)

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